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The Preparatory Faculty celebrates its 60th anniversary

In 2020 the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens celebrates the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

The faculty was established in October 1960, being the second oldest preparatory faculty in Russia after Moscow State University. Over the entire period of its history, it has trained more than 15 thousand foreign students. 

The main task of the faculty is to prepare non-Russian-speaking students for receiving professional education in Russia, familiarize them with the Russian culture and educational system, and help them to adapt to living in our country.

This year, online training was used to deliver programs in the Russian language and main subjects of the future profession, as well as for the final exams. Despite the difficulties of the “coronavirus spring”, 120 foreign students from 38 countries successfully graduated from the preparatory faculty. Most of them will apply for admission to MADI bachelor or specialist programs.

We are confident that the graduates of the faculty will cherish the memory of their first classes in Russia. The doors of our university will always be open for them!