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Over half million kilometers of road pavement monitored by the mobile laboratories

By the decision of the Moscow Government, the assessment of riding and operational conditions of streets and roads in Moscow is carried out by the Department of Road Building Materials of MADI together with MADiDT company.

The assessment is carried out biannually, using the unique Automated road scanner (ADS-MADI in Russian abbreviation) laboratory, developed by our scientists. The equipment provides for comprehensive monitoring of the riding and operational conditions of the road network to enable informed decisions on the required maintenance and repair measures. The mobile laboratory can run on year-round 24/7 basis at working speeds up to 90 km/h.

The equipment developed by the university specialists provides for:

- detecting pavement distress at a working width of up to 12 m, including potholes, longitudinal and transverse cracks, specifying linear dimensions with an accuracy of 2 mm in plain view and 1 mm in depth;

- detecting elements of horizontal road markings with assessment of its compliance to the requirements of GOST R 51256-99 standard at a working width of up to 12 m;

- measurement of the longitudinal roughness of the pavement, building longitudinal profile in increments of 0.125 m, with an option of converting results into roughness indicators in the values of clearance under the 3-meter beam, elevation differentials, as well as determining the International roughness index (IRI);

- measurement of the elevation of hatch covers, storm water sewage gratings relative to the pavement surface to a precision of 1 mm;

- assessment of conditions of linear elements of road furniture (curbstones, metal and concrete fences, sound barriers), detecting the elements subject to repair;

- conditioning of the road network facilities;

- assessment of conditions for passage of oversized vehicles;

- determination of traction properties according to GOST R 50597-2017 standard;

- georeference of detected items to global positioning system GPS/GLONASS.