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Graduates in Project and Personnel Management rated high by industry experts

The State Examination Commission noted the high level of the master's theses. High quality of the  program allows graduate students to successfully pass the exam for professional certificate in the field of project management PM-Standard. It gives a considerable competitive advantage in the labor market and opens way to a career in prestigious companies - Kaspersky Lab, Rusal Corporation, Raiffesenbank, and many other market leaders.

Among the best theses, the study by Ekaterina Artemyeva was distinguished, who devoted her work to the specifics of introducing tools and approaches to project management in managing innovation and investment projects of a knowledge-based enterprise. Ekaterina analyzed the processes of selection and monitoring of the innovative projects implementation with one of the world leaders in the field of instrumentation. She proposed an original approach to the development of top-level key performance indicators in various areas of innovation, identified problems in the part of the company's contractual work and suggested ways to solve them.

In "Personnel Management", the best works were presented by Daria Bardina and Daria Trapeznikova, winners of the All-Russian Student Olympiads in Personnel Management and participants in case study championships.

Daria Bardina devoted her master's thesis to innovative tools for the selection of bank line personnel. She proposed using a full-fledged arsenal of digital tools, including an artificial intelligence-based chatbot for mass recruiting, analyzing candidate's digital footprint and expanding the functionality of the Potok automated personnel management service. Daria's proposals have already been implemented by bank recruiters and has proven its effectiveness - the number of processed resumes has increased, the work of recruiters became easier, freeing up more time for more complex vacancies.

Daria Trapeznikova was engaged in the development of digital mentoring tools for bank personnel. She has developed and implemented an innovative digital service, that allowed to improve training and adaptation of personnel. A special advantage of the service is its scaleability to fit any banking structure. The service developed by Daria, including a mobile application and a chatbot, was tested and showed an increase in the effectiveness of feedback from mentors and newcomers, which led to improved certification results. The bank's management recognized the relevance of Daria's developments in line with the trend of digitalization of the finance and credit sector.

The high results demonstrated by the graduates would not be possible without long-term partnership of the Department of Sociology and Management with renowned experts in the field of project management and personnel management, including:

• Dmitry Gorshkov, PMP, Deputy Head of Control over the Use and Development of Information Systems and Resources of the Traffic Management Center of the Moscow Government;

• Ivan Mordanov, Deputy Director for Development and Operation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) "Shvabe - Moscow";

• Aleksey Pekin,  PMP Head of the IT project office of the Bank DOM.RF;

• Alexander Shavrin, Ph.D., PMP, ICP, General Director of the Center for Professional Competencies "LIAM", semi-finalist of the competition "Leaders of Russia-2020".

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