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Research of driver’s perception to ensure traffic safety and smart vehicle development

The Department "Organization and safety of traffic" has conducted research in assessing the quality of drivers’ perception of modern traffic control systems.

The work led by the Head of the Department, professor Sultan Zhankaziev was carried out in the Laboratory for research of psychophysiology of driver’s behavior. It is equipped with a car simulator with a panoramic screen, and an instrumentation complex for monitoring driver’s behavior, similar to a polygraph, that allows to track the direction of sight of the driver.

The psychophysiological research complex is used to assess:

·      the influence of roadside advertising on traffic safety;

·      the driver's perception of information from traffic control devices, including messages from animated display boards;

·      the effectiveness of innovative solutions in the field of traffic control, cooperative systems, etc.;

·      framework of road safety audit and proposals for its development.

The research carried out by the team of the department provides the opportunity to:

·      determine the nature of drivers' motivation in their behavior on the road;

·      identify and predict the relationship between traffic flow parameters and driver’s behavior;

·      study the standards of drivers’ behavior, their psychological types, and accordingly determine the restrictions for different personalities by types of vehicles, speed standards and traffic conditions.

The results obtained can be applied in further development of the “driver-car” human-machine interface in cooperative smart vehicles, as well as in highly automated vehicles, e.g. to ensure road safety or customize connected cars services.