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MADI Professor published a book on AI

In his book “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” Professor of the Department of Automated Control Systems Andrei Ostroukh considered the scientific approaches to design and development of intelligent systems and technologies in the transport sector, as well as the trends in the development of artificial intelligence systems.

“The development of artificial intelligence systems now is more relevant than ever, but it is fraught with many difficulties. Among them are the limited resources, the lack of knowledge in this area, and many technical obstacles", - explains the author the relevance of his study. 

Andrey Ostroukh identified two most promising areas in the study of artificial intelligence:

·      approximation of artificial intelligence systems to the principles of human thinking;

·      integration of existing artificial intelligence systems into a single system to solve the global problems of mankind.

The new monograph will be used for training students in Informatics and Computer Engineering, as well as in advanced training and retraining of professionals in the field of development and practical application of AI systems.