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Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia

This post is not, as you may think, about a well-known Soviet comedy “Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”, but all the same it is well worth reading how three students of Parma University Vittoria, Luca and Davide found themselves in winter Moscow to study in MADI.

It’s now 100 days since we left our hometown Parma in Italy to land in the icy February of Moscow and started studying at MADI. Since the very beginning the harsh weather has been in great contrast with the welcoming hospitality that we found in people in Moscow and especially at MADI.

Thanks to this university and to the capable professors that followed us along this path, we had the chance to participate in interesting laboratories about car engines, hydraulic systems, innovative materials and computer simulations. Moreover, we took part in the team of Formula Electric which has allowed us to see their amazing work and to appreciate the incredible performance of the electric Mazda...such a great feeling on it!
Of course, we encountered some difficulties about living and studying abroad, but we got by them all thanks to the friends we met here.

Walking on the Red Square or looking at the half-frozen Moscow River felt at first even colder than what we expected about Russian winter. It may not be that easy to believe for Russians, but we’re not used to see the snow for more than a few days, so for us it’s been peculiar and fascinating. That’s why it only took us a few days to understand the mood of Russian weather and embrace it. When we were out in the streets we didn’t even notice anymore that our face was freezing... well, almost!

We witnessed the magical transition from winter to summer, spring slowly melted the snow and made trees turn green, parks bloomed with wonderful colors and people are always ready to enjoy this bright city.
Winter Moscow and summer Moscow, two awesome and very different cities in the same place.

Surely we can’t say that Russian language is a friendly one, but at least during our language course we learnt how to say “привет”, “чуть чуть” и “следующая станция” and understand enough words to feel the beauty of this language, even if it’s well hidden behind a heavy curtain of grammar and hostile alphabets :D

Now that we consider Moscow as a second home, the hard time of goodbyes is getting closer. It won’t be easy to leave all the wonderful people we met here, but one thing is sure:

Мы не говорим прощай, мы говорим до свидания!

(We are not saying “good bye”, we are saying “see you again”!)

Luca Santachiara, June 2018