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MADI karting team come second in iRacing LeMans Series championship

On May 30 Circuit de la Sarthe in French Le Mans held the finals of the iRacing LeMans Series championship where our Simply Formula MADI Karting Team by Race Field took second place.

The team equaled their best result in Spa, just one step away from victory. 2 hours into the race, our guys managed to take leading position, with a handicap of half a minute at a certain point. At the same time, they realized that fuel consumption on straights appeared higher than planned, and they would have to go seven stints instead of the planned six.

On the fifth stint Ilya Tsepkalo had several minor troubles on the night track, including careless driving by LMP cars, several drifts and Internet problems for several participants, which caused so-called “freezes”. However, the driver of the rival PRISM team behind turned out to be quite fast and luckier as well. As a result, first the gap was reduced to five seconds, and then our team lost the lead altogether.

“We ran a bit out of luck with our strategy, a few more laps and we would win!" - said our pilot Vsevolod Gagen. We thank Simply Formula and Race Field for the information support, and our racers for a good result!