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Logistics programs accredited by the European Logistics Association!

In February 2020, the vice president of the European Logistics Association (ELA) Jos Marinus, conducted an audit of the MADI bachelor's and master's programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Transport Systems respectively. Based on the results of the audit, these programs were found to meet ELA requirements in terms of content, completeness of information and quality of training. MADI became the second university in Russia after the Higher School of Economics (HSE), which received the right to certify its students.
Now the students of the Faculty of Logistics and General Transport Problems can get a Certificate  confirming that the competencies acquired meet the highest requirements of the European Logistics Association. To prove their competencies, students must pass a comprehensive testing in English, covering all functional areas of logistics. Upon successful completion, they receive a degree of compliance with cELog level 4 or level 6, depending on the program. The ELA certificate is highly rated for employment both in Russia and in the European Union.