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Students take part in a WW2 documentary

On February 4, our students met with Alexei Isaev – a military historian, candidate of historical sciences, a researcher with the Institute of Military History, and a distinguished expert on the history of the WW2. Mr. Isaev is a consulting expert for the documentary “Rzhev. Vaccination against the war” a part of which was shot here.
The documentary was created by order of the Ministry of Culture and with the support of the Russian Military Historical Society, and is dedicated to the year of Memory and Glory in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
The masterminds behind the project are Alexey Nikulin and Alexander Morev – 1982 graduates from MADI. Alexey is also the author and anchor of the well-known documentary series “Russian Trail” on the “My Planet” and “Russia 1” channels - almost 20 films of the series are dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.