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Kabul Polytechnical visit opens prospects for future cooperation

On December 20, a delegation from the Kabul Polytechnic University (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan), headed by its Rector, Professor Mohammad Sayed Kakar, visited MADI. This was already the second meeting in 2019 - on April 15, MADI and KPU updated their Cooperation Agreement.

The first students from Afghanistan started coming to MADI in 1967, and since then about 200 engineers have been trained for the Afghanistan automotive industry, including 5 Doctors of Science and 36 Candidates, and more than 400 Afghan students have completed the course at the Preparatory Department of MADI . This academic year, 13 students from Afghanistan study at the main faculties, and there is interest in both countries to significantly increase this number.

The meeting discussed the prospects for cooperation, including the development of academic mobility of students and teachers, the development of programs for exchange education, internships for Afghan teachers and specialists and access to the MADI scientific and technical library.

MADI graduates from Afghanistan support the prestige of our university, making MADI one of the priority Russian universities to for training highly qualified professionals and contributing to the development of the Afghan economy.

Closing the meeting, the parties agreed on the finalisation and approval of the roadmap for the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement.