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MADI students compete for grants

On October 10 our university hosted competition under the program for supporting young talent “UMNIK - Moscow Youth Start - 2019”. The Commission, chaired by Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Viktor Ushakov, reviewed applications in the fields of digital technology and advanced materials.
The applicants had to prove the scientific and commercial relevance of the projects, and “sell” their product to the investor. The projects selected for final stage included the development of a machine vision-based identification system for intelligent transport systems; a finite element model of a truck for virtual testing of road barriers; the development of electrically conductive cement concrete, etc.
The winners will be awarded grants in the amount of 500,000 rubles from the Foundation for the Promotion of the Development of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology (the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovations). We welcome all talented, ambitious and confident young scientists to take part in the competition next year.