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University Museum shares exhibits at Russian Transport Anniversary Exhibition

The Museum of Russian Modern History has presented the exhibition “Transport of Russia. Through time, into the future”. The opening ceremony was attended by the Assistant to the President Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, director of the Museum of Contemporary History Irina Velikanova and museum directors of transport universities.

The event is dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the transport department and the system of vocational education in the transport sector and is open till November 3rd.

The exposition covers the milestones in the development of the transport industry in Russia, starting with the establishment of the first centralized transport management agency - the Office of Water and Land Communications, as well as the opening of the first industry educational institution - the Corps of Railway Engineers.

A separate presentation is arranged by museums of industry-specific educational institutions. Our museum contributed with an album “Graduation of MADI Automobile Engineers”, the certificate of the Order of Labor Red Banner, the photo album “The Road of Life. Warriors of Engineering Troops ”, and other exhibits.